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Sentencing for Cumbrian Haulier Guilty of Falsifying Tachograph Records

A VOSA investigation has led to sentencing of 17 drivers and managers from a Cumbria based haulage firm. The investigation which took place in October 2010 found that the firm had been falsifying 182 of their drivers’ hours records and 350 000 kilometres were missing for 10 vehicles.

Tachograph records were seized from Ross International in Wigton as well as Ross International Haulage in Bellshill. Analysts looked at records between June 2009 and June 2010 before discovering the false records.

Carlisle Crown Court prosecuted the managers and the drivers under the ‘Conspiracy to Falsify Tachograph Records’ legislation. Testimonies stated in court detailed that instructions to break the rules came from director William Ross or Robert Robertson. Drivers stated that it was an intimidating work environment and that bullying was rife in the workplace, if you did not break the rules, you would lose your job.

William Ross obtained a custodial sentence of two years as well as a driving ban for 18 months. Ross also gained a 5 year disqualification from becoming a company director. Robert Robinson gained a 18 month custodial sentence as well as a driving disqualification of 18 months. Drivers were given up to eight months imprisonment and a varying length of driving disqualifications. Proceedings under the ‘Proceeds of Crime Act 2002’ are continuing.

Sgt Graeme Hodgson for Cumbria Police said: "Road haulage is a competitive industry and legitimate companies find it hard to compete with unscrupulous competitors. It is a race to the bottom unless steps are taken. It’s never too late to put things in order.”

Source: Commercial Motor

Story By: Derek Broomfield

Web Link: www.novadata.co.uk

Date : 07-01-2014

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