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French Government confirms NF Breathalyser Kits here to stay

On March 1st the French Government confirmed that the regulations requiring all vehicles to carry a single NF Breathalyser kit in every vehicle will remain in place and will now be extended to include mopeds. The 12% reduction in accidents involving drunk drivers during 2012 was said to be a major factor in the decision to retain (and extend) the regulations.

Fine set to increase
The fine for failure to carry a breathalyser is now expected to be incorporated within the existing requirement to carry a "vehicle pack" of safety-related items, but will therefore be "more substantial" than the 11 euros originally proposed. The exact contents of the kit are currently under review, due partly to the requirement to carry replacement bulbs - as modern vehicles' LED and Xenon units can no longer be replaced by the motorist road-side. There is also an issue with motorcycle swith regards to the space available for the carriage of such items, but it will definitely include a Breathalyser.

No change from current position
In the interim, the position is the same as it has been since July 2012; it is still a requirement under French Law to carry a breathalyser in the vehicle along with the remaining items (including bulbs) currently on the statute books.

Pro Kits (.02%) currently available ex-stock
The new "Pro" kits are now in stock. They are unique in being the only NF approved kits in the World to show intoxication at just 0.02% BAC, which makes them 2 ˝ times more sensitive than the standard kits. All Bus & Coach commercial drivers in France are prosecuted if stopped in excess of this lower limit, so they are ideal for company applications as well as for use in zero-tolerance countries such as Norway & Ireland.

Pro kits keep drivers safe - not just leg
Extensive tests have shown that any level of alcohol in excess of 0.02% can affect both reaction times and judgement, so by ensuring they stay below the critical 0.02 level, normal motorists ensure they are not just legal, but also safe to drive. This makes the small extra cost of the Pro kits worth while for all motorists, not just commercial and professional drivers.

How to Order

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Story By: Derek Broomfield

Date : 04-04-2013

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