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Major Changes to Operator Compliance Risk Score

Major changes to the Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS) used by VOSA since 2006 were due to take place on 30th April this year. Although these changes have not yet come into effect it is worth taking the time to find how the changes could have significant implications for all transport operators.
Currently an operator's index score is calculated using an historic score, taking into account any defects or enforcement activity recorded in the past two years, or by predictive score, used when no historical data is available and based on data from similar-sized firms. For an operator with no score there is to be a new grey band to indicate that VOSA has no data with which to rate that operator with. Scores will also be calculated more frequently: instead of calculations taking place once a month using two years of data, they will be worked out weekly and take into account data going back three years, starting from May 2009.
Crucially, there is to be an addition to the OCRS system - the immediate regulation of an operator going to RED for prosecution or a Most Serious Infringement (MSI). A prosection leads to a 12 month RED status, while an MSI will carry a six-month red status, after which the operator reverts to their original band is no further points are incurred. The Most Serious Infringments are:
(a) Exceeding the maximum 6-day or fortnightly driving time limits by margins of 25% or more
(b) Exceeding, during a daily working period, the maximum daily driving time limit by a margin of 50% or more without taking a break or without an uninterrupted rest period of at least 4.5 hours.
Not having a tachograph and/or speed limiter. Using a fraudulent device (e.g a magnet) able to modify the records of the recording equipment and/or the speed limiter. Falsifying record sheets or data downloaded from the tachograph and/or driver card.
Driving without a valid roadworthiness certificate, if such a document is required under Community law. Driving witha very serious deficiency that would create such an immediate risk to road safety that it leads to a decision to immobilise the vehicle. This includes:
  • Braking system
  • Steering linkages
  • Wheels/tyres
  • Suspension or chassis.
Transporting dangerous goods that are prohibited for transport. Transport such goods in a prohibited or non-approved means of containment or without identifying them on the vehicle as dangerous, so endangering lives or the environment to such an extent that it leads to a decision to immobilise the vehicle.
Operators that are taken to court by VOSA will not be issued with the OCRS points until a guilty verdict has been issued, rather than points being miposed at the time the paperwork is raised.
There will no longer be 11 bands, VOSA is introducing a simplified four band system where operators are rated as red, amber, green or grey, depending on their scores. Also the system is no longer a relative system removing the possibility of an operator's score changing even if their points do not.





> 25

> 30


11 - 25

6 - 30


< 5

< 5


No Score

No Score

This means an operator will move between bands only when their scores increase or decrease through new encounters with VOSA, such as vehicle inspections, or because historical incidents carry less points.
VOSA will prioritise based on the new bands: Red-rated operators will be targeted first, then Grey, Amber, Green for traffic enforcement activities, however the order will run red, amber, grey, green for road worthiness.
If you don't know your score you can find out online by registering details with VOSA by sending an email to top.registrations@vosa.gov.uk
Remember to include:
  • Your Company Name
  • Company address and postcode
  • Pre-funded account details (if any)
  • Operator Licence Details (if any).

Registration takes approximately five working days. A membership letter and separate confirmation letter will be posted to you, containing instructions on how to log in create a User ID and password.


Story By: Derek Broomfield

Web Link: novadata

Date : 09-05-2012

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