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Driver CPC Dilemma

A problem shared by many businesses is paying for drivers to complete their 35 hour Driver CPC training then having no guarantee in place to ensure drivers don't leave there employment soon after.

The following questions have been answered below to offer advice to Drivers or Employers who may experience a similar situation.

What happens if a company pays for the Drivers CPC then the driver leaves?

Unfortunately there are no guarantees in place to cover businesses that are affected by a driver's decision to leave. A company with this concern will not have only wasted their time and effort but more so experience a loss due to the cost of training, paid time off for the driver to attend and then the cost of finding a replacement driver to cover the driver's schedule.

Can drivers and companies make an agreement?

This is the responsibility of a company to negotiate with a driver before committing to the 35 hours of Drivers CPC training. Some smaller companies will leave the responsibility of obtaining the Driver CPC training to the Driver, employing only those who already have the Drivers CPC training completed. No certificate.... No Job!

What happens if a driver does not complete their 35 hours of Training?

It is a drivers responsibility to ensure that they are duly certificated for the purpose in which they are driving, whether it be for Hire or reward. After the deadline has passed for drivers to obtain their 35 hours training VOSA will impose heavy fines.

What happens if a company does not ensure drivers have completed their 35 hours training?

It is a company's responsibility to ensure that their drivers comply with current EU legislation and VOSA regulations. Failure to do so will mean that not only will drivers get fined after the deadline for not completing training but also the company itself will incur a heavy fine by VOSA. Following from this a company is at risk of tarnishing a good reputation or company image and could possibly affect operations if VOSA decide to repeatedly stop drivers.

Story By: Derek Broomfield

Web Link: novadata

Date : 28-11-2011

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